is enough or is not

Several small problems  which will produce  bigg ….bigg… chaos
– those small problems occur everywhere. Lately. Small problem looks like
States in the world …nearly all,  lead  obedient and uncreative, circumstantial.
Knowing that  they  closely monitoring who are capable and creative because  the people of the plebs may one day wake up and as giddy start to fall in the streets, as  we see these days in the streets of Bosnia and Ukraine. In searh for capable.
So, when they met  more capable and creative little inept and  from the psychodynamic theory of personality development stopped on the road most often in the anal stage move carefully making media chaos, where if you read the newspapers every day you must have a strong psychological problem. Also systems throughout the world are based on the principle «YES, but «.. If you’re wondering where  poverty leads unless the potential destruction you  will get an answer« yes But« … but we have mechanisms to prevent .. they do not, they lying .. we have plans to solve it .. they do not,they  lying … they have  nothing but  will to power.
In such situation –  to seek personal happiness and development sounds like don quixotic job.
So,  .. Look to survive .. that’s the only thing left to the  millions,to  the ordinary  people, the daily struggle for survival on a planet that is sinking into chaos …
But there’s one thing  abot powerful do not count.
When a ship sinks  ..sinks  and below decks but and  conning tower.