Good method of Diet Regime – persiflage

zena na krovuGood method of Diet Regime


Melanie loved ice cream, cake was not  avoided, a cute little rafaelo balls were her bedtime calming sedative.
So, she was reading novels that were delivered to her  by editors, because she was a good literary critic, and in all that passing her  life. Her  not so tinny femininity she is covered with silk, long sashes and she never lacked suitors. Young poets, novelists  in coming, essayists with  no issues … all surrounded her  with the care. In our culture, small and weak, to be a critic of reputation meant power. And this power  used Melanija well, until one day  when a malicious editor in chief was critical about her  old-fashioned attitude.
– Do not have a Facebook profile, Melanie ?… or  Twitter .. just Linkedin you have … Is there a special reason for it? .. Specifically, the present time requires  from intellectuals to be present, even in the virtual world.
– It is   somehow false companionship, colleague. I’m seriously thinking about it, but if you think it is necessary, I will open  account.
– It would be desirable, some colleagues have asked me is that  elitism, they wanted  to contact you  through Facebook, but there is no person with your name out there.

And so, armed with a box of family packs of ice cream in her favorite flavor and with meticulous photographs wich  were classified on the desktop (she  decided to add them to her profile) she  sat at the computer.
However, trouble versa.
Her surname  ended up with such a conventional ich and patriotism and loyalty to our cultural model ordered her to profile appoints in Cyrillic fonts. Looking at how it looks she  close her first incomplete profile. Facebook said− oh sorry and asked for a reason.
“What do they have to be sorry .. I do not care if they  gave hope to see me soon, they’re all spies of the new world order. “- passed through her head while adding information about herself in a new, Latinic account .. About the cover photo was some  additional pain.
“Hm, I want to act as sensual and cold, intellectual … I will  see how  made ​​it that  turkey Salmonella, I mean Selena.”
She typed in Google search the name of the hated colleague and finding her profile immersed in the study.
“Look,  she put the  dog   her Facebook .. and her husband in bed ….abut ,  I see collected  even 398 friends … and her husband is crying  of Mother of God and at the same time  bald ….”
She continued  with the analysis.

“And she smiles in the comments .. thanks dear .. Cornelia…beautiful greeting to the tender soul …” After two hours, she felt as sick and went to vomit.
Did threwbecause  a large number of smileys, numberous sun loungers on the beach where her friends showed   their less or  more cellulite to the  global audience  she did not know. But that’s throwing hard, that’s for sure.
“Ha, I’m going to make a Boom in the virtual world.” – she thought angrily.
As passionate home  bird  she knew all the secrets of Photoshop, and  very fast she rearranged her  photos in the dark, sfumato style, where only her face, pale and slightly elongated, appeared as  in a fog … She wrote  her name and surname, and the term “free-thinker”, in the category of education she  put all her  finished and unfinished school and  courses.
This  first profile infamously went his way. In seven days accumulated only five friends , and  they were close relatives.
“O, I have to act. This looks miserable. ”

Melanie was  engineer in her soul  and  in literary waters was pushed  by patriarchal mother. But that gene  of engineering started working, this time  successfully.
With other email addresses and the number of different IP numbers she were able to open 17 more fake profiles, which she added to  original as friends. So,her page at the end of the second week was full of praise comments, shouts of nonexistent fans about her beauty and lure. Little by little this profile have joined and  some other, and occasionally  she send requests and  to some people who found  interesting. At the end of the month the number of “friends” was already over a hundred, but what no one knew was the real reason for her  long-term presence  on the Facebook page.
The reason was .. Melanie was losing weight, every day was thinner … because until  she was studying the posts, especially from the people  which she knew and private, it  aroused strong vomiting.

“Oh, this is Facebook is the best diet I know” … she  thought, looking at her slim body in the mirror and running to send another smiley to post  of her new friends, which  flaunt her  poetic, literary  works right on FB.
“Just you write, talentless bitch .. each of your texts  and all  of yours  photos  is very welcome for my diet “-  thought Melanie, smiling and posting hearts everywhere, as she  easily noticed method how to become popular on the network ,that she actually disgusted, at her happiness and benefit.
“Where everyone Turks go ,  there went  and small Mujo. “-  she thought until  last rafaelo ball disappeared in her mouth , for that  evening.

Peacefully asleep, knowing already how tomorrow can start vomiting because her friends did not stop to put their pictures in  incredibly boring, bizarre or silly situations.She  supprted them wholeheartedly in it, conscious of her sin, and not caring much for it.
” If they think that is their intention to post photo of    Christmas tree is strong contribution to optimism, they are very deceiving .. but it does not cost me anything to say and I love your picture, dear Cico, after all,  the tree is  wonderful as  you are. ”
And so, our Melanija sailed into murky realm of lies and deception called Facebook, but at least her   ship in the sea sailing not so tinn with good reason, that gives some justification to her.

About the Truth and its insicere children

About  the Truth and its insicere  children

from the “Short Stories about the clashes of  the worlds”

by Vesna Disić

Is Dragan was a exceptional   professional in his field no one knows. But, he knew how to  walking and talking and disputing and sipping cocktails as  he is really that, it  was beyond doubt. Fortunately,  in the city in which status is acquired and with harmonious combined tie with  shirts and jackets, as well with  good looking  nails and glow  on the shoe  was not many who could compete with him in it.

Whereas his colleagues in the Faculty of Law at exams coming in slightly worn jeans and wide-shirts, he’s already in the first year of the study really took care about  clothing. He noted the importance of style growing up in a house with two doctors, whose daily had  discussions about what to wear for any occasion,and that  left no space  for doubt is that item was important. And when the mother successfully pass  doctorate in her field, of course, that she bought  him new, first-class clothing and cashmere sweaters that smelled like a dream. Finally, he translated all the works whose parts are harmoniously “incorporated” into her research. The  doctoral promotion was a parade of fineness in every aspect.

Then he knew, and he will go on that way, and  move on that path  meant he would leave Victoria, a girl with  whom he entertained one  year, more or less dispassionate and due to some boredom that followed him. As first, she had a strange name , name which  associate that her parents were Anglophiles (although he doubted that, having information that her parents were ordinary members of the middle class, with  rudimentary view of the world, which she accepted, mentioning some of the words that were strange to him as − fidelity, religion, and even dared to mention the word love), and secondly – she do not  care for the style. The rapid separation occurred in the second year of study, and to  the end of the study women and girls are not interested him, even though the number of current connections was negligible. Victoria’s successful completion of the study did not impress him. He knew that, despite the strong talent for science and  wise mind,with her  to the  radical righteousness prone positions , she will not be very successful  lawyer, about what they talked during the brief love romance, ended with her tears and the words “you’re not worth  crying “, as she uttered, completely contradictory, all drenched in tears.

Now, seven years after he took the position of assistant in  the Faculty,in  which he  expected imminent promotion to associate professor status, he  sometimes had the  thought of her. It was getting more and more since the reading of the University documentation, where he saw  that  she has defended a PhD thesis  abroad and she occasionally writes for periodicals published by the University. And it says  in his area of  Law.. Somehow it was strange … He did not think it would go far, especially since he had heard that she pass very hard  exam for PhD abroad, and that she  returned, as lawyer with a reputation, who defends well in the cases of  attack on freedom of speech. She has already received a couple of lawsuits, releasing some editors of newspapers from a claim to be “false in reporting.”

He thought perusing his proper hands, and not answering at  the phone which is constantly ringing in the office, thought how to few students very well carry their sculpted bodies through Faculty halls . Two are filled his eyes. He did not mind the fact how  he  is already three years into a marriage with Anne, editor of the culture section of a daily newspaper. He knew that she  is absolutely modern woman, devoted to her career and if he succumbs morally, that it would not be a problem  for her to overcome. After all, building a social image was their common goal and passion. A little fling with one of the candidates (certainly not now, but after their graduation) will bring a little more life in their, not too boisterous, loving life.
With this decision,  to prolong thing with  the mistress, he  left the room and headed to the nearby restaurant, where every day he got lunch.
The waiter almost tripped rushing to his table  and with polite expression asked:
As usual, a cold soup of vegetables and easy toasted white meat?
Dragan nodded, satisfied with the level of respect that is encountered. In the corner of maintaining one of the student of which he   today considered. She was sitting with two other girls, and her nice figure said all about her body with  tight blue dress, low-cut and harmonious Chanel jacket. Long legs she presented  to the  view of visitors, and noting Dragan eyes she  slowly moved them twice…

 «Yes, that little girl will graduate soon. I’ll  sure  respond to her email in which  asking sources for her  work. She deserves it. “Consider paying with the card very fine  lunch.
Drove to the apartment listening  classical music, and the fact that Anna has not yet arrived home filled him with joy. Alone, he will have a cocktail that he like, call the parents, who returned with delayed, the September vacation in Spain. Anna did not like his long conversations with his​​mother . The mother rejoiced when she  heard his voice and with  the joy informed him that in the same hotel where they were staying was the daughter of the Dean of his college with her husband. The fact that the young, as the mother said “too fine” woman, had some health problems that, at their clinic easily and quickly can be resolved , will only help him, as a mother laconically said, to be “a little faster promoted to associate professor status” because the arrival Dean’s daughter to medical review is scheduled for tomorrow, a strange and happy coincidence is fact that she will be  escorted by her father.

Dragan said to her, “Yes, the idea is great and of course the woman needs help, and my relations with the Dean is sort  of the first class, anyway.” Ends talk  with  standard greeting  to his father, who anyway never answer the phone … and walked to the window of his not-so- small apartment, the gifts that his  parents gave for a wedding.
His life at that moment was  so much like as  caledioscop  with which he played as a child. All it takes is just a small movement of the hand, that  a gorgeous and glittering mosaic image changes into another, even more beautiful and sparkly. Thus, the ease with which things have come to the right place in his life was a constant and he knew that,  as soon as tomorrow, what was his new goal will be almost at  his hand.

Meeting of the Academic Council at which in  the position of Associate Professor promotes new associate professor ended  with the broad smiles of all present. Against candidate PhD  Dragan K. was almost unknown to them, Victoria B., whose professional biography was not  modest, but she  did not have a chance. They knew a young lady who was waiting outside for the result, in fact, did not even need to complicate things.  Dean approached her and said in a low tone:
-We read your resume, but the fact that after graduation you left the country and gained a PhD in a foreign university, in fact made ​​it difficult position for you.
Victoria looked at him :
−Thank you,.. honestly. I thought that our jurisprudence  will use some knowledge from abroad and wanted to see other people’s experiences.
At that moment  trough the hall  passed Dragan. He already knew that he was elected and when he heard the conversation of the Dean and Victoria stopped.
Dean glanced:
−Colleague,let me  to introduce you to a colleague who was your great rival.

Dragan providing with hearty smile his  hand very kindly said:
-I think we know each other from the time of study.
Victoria looked at him straight in the eye and extending his hand, with  no visible nervousness said:
−I think we  are never met… sure I am  … We were very numerous  in the first year. But, certainly congratulation   on your election and all the best in the work.

Dragan stood speechless watching her. She looked a lot different than at the time of their study, and much  tiny, her face was gently as in time of their  hang together . He feel the light scent of perfume with notes of lemon and sea air, and realized that for almost twenty seconds he  staring, not saying a word, watching  directly into her bright eyes. Dean’s cough drew him.

−Yes, maybe I was wrong and replaced you with a some colleague. Thank you for the congratulations.
Victoria looks at  Deans, lend a hand:

-It was a pleasure to meet you. Goodbye.
To Dragan was  not even  brief look.
Watching, as  she quickly go away down through the hall, Dragan felt a light disturbance and a strong desire to run after her and yelled, “Hey, so this is me … the one whom you loved more than yourself … remember… So … you’re telling me that many times. ”
But, he not rushed and did not say anything. He stood and watched as she went completely immobile, unaware that his behavior was strange.
This day  the first time he was hard  drunk.
And from that day the caledioscope starts, slightly , to be less glowing. He solves that up with   more and more whiskey.
Besides, when   are in a shimmer that keeps track of your wins strat occurrence of some dark shadows, yet it can tarnish  with some quality drink. That’s  how do it  the people of style, as it is our hero, too.
On that way you will surely forget the annoying thoughts about some  one’s bright eyes, the thoughts  that can only spoil your everyday small pleasures.